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  • 99.9% Pure, CBD ISOLATE
    99.9% Pure, CBD ISOLATE - Ceiba Botanical Distribution
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CBD concentrates have higher quantities of CBD than the dried plant material and are made through extraction processes. Through extraction, our Asheville team creates a pure CBD isolate powder consisting of tiny crystals that can be mixed into products or ingested in a tincture.

Our CBD concentrate is full-spectrum, meaning it includes not only CBD but also terpenes (aromatic compounds that give cannabis its distinct taste and smell). With cannabinoids and terpenes working together, these full-spectrum concentrates provide a broader sense of relief for our customers in Asheville and beyond this pure CBD isolate is non-addictive and has few obvious side effects. If you want more restful sleep or want help with your mood throughout the day, our concentrate might be worth a try!

Because CBD influences the endocannabinoid system, it has the potential to provide a wide range of health effects.

Certain people prefer concentrates because of the speed with which they are delivered to the body. Compared to oral ingestion, in which the CBD needs to be processed by the liver before taking effect, inhaling heated concentrate vapors allows the body to absorb CBD considerably faster than consuming it. At Ceiba Distribution in Asheville, our pure CBD isolate powder is a viable option for those who want to see the effects of cannabis as soon as possible rather than waiting for the full effect.


When purchasing CBD products, please read the labels carefully. Any CBD product that contains THC must be labeled as such. Occasionally, even CBD products with .3% THC can register on drug tests

At Ceiba Distribution, transparency is one of our values. Our team in Asheville sends our pure CBD isolate powder and other products for testing. In addition, we always ensure that our labels are not only correct but also identify when there are small amounts of THC present.