Welcome to Ceiba Botanical Distribution, where we carry only the highest quality, boutique Hemp Flower on the market. As a CBD wholesale supplier, we specialize in business-to-business service.

Ceiba Botanical Distribution has been in the Cannabis market for 25 years, and by refining our manufacturing process, we have become especially familiar with the Hemp flower and its components. Since this industry is still in its infancy, we take pride in being pioneers and contributing to the creation of market standards together with the farmers we collaborate with. As the finest purveyor of boutique hemp flower, we know who’s growing the best buds and why.

 More and more CBD consumers are turning to smokable flower buds because of the experience—not just physically, but mentally as well. One reason for this is the terpene profile, which you don’t necessarily get with an edible or vape. Terpenes are organic compounds present in many plants that create the flavor and smell of cannabis, and they also contribute to the physiological effects. The terpene fragrance can vary from light and fruity, to floral, musky, skunky, to smelling and tasting like a wedding cake. Even though some of those fragrances have an acquired taste, with so many different variations, there is something for everyone. 

So when it comes to high-quality, limited-availability, boutique Hemp flower, choose Ceiba. Our products are impeccably sourced from the best farmers and curated into the finest CBD available. All of our products are lab-tested, and we stand behind all of them, 100 percent of the time. We have that much confidence in our own experience and our growers’ expertise!

Should you need more information, please contact us directly and a member of our experienced and knowledgeable team will be happy to answer all of your questions. If you’re a wholesale partner, we can’t wait to see how your customers will be wowed by our products. See the Ceiba difference for yourself!